It begins with an ending

It begins with an ending

Dear reader,

I have now ended my time in the SSI-program – but I have also just begun my time as a full time employee at Scania. As so often in life, when one phase ends, another one simultaneously starts. This time, the change marks a big shift in my life as I go from university student in Linköping to working engineer at Scania in Södertälje.

It is said about the SSI-program that after completion, employment might be possible if mutual liking arises and there is a vacancy. Apparently I managed to hit both targets and was therefore, fortunately enough, offered to fill a vacancy in the group where I did my master’s thesis during this past semester. Hurray! 😀

My new role will be project manager within bus production, at the department for global product introduction (MPPB). I am both thankful and proud of this job opportunity which I think will suite me very well.

Naturally, my time in the SSI-program has given me a good understanding of the company. This gives me a great foundation to start my career upon. I would therefore once again like to recommend anyone who is about to write their thesis to go and find a company to collaborate with. Or, even better, apply to Scania Student Intro and you get the whole package, including summer job, thesis project and fun weekend events.

So, as I now say hello to my new life as Scania employee, I will also say thank you and goodbye to the SSI-program. This blog post will therefore be my last. Thank you all for reading! I hope it has given some insight about Scania in general and about the SSI-program specifically.

I will end with the two pictures below, which are of me and my thesis partner Erik. One picture is taken on the very first morning of our thesis project in January when we hardly new what we had signed up for. The other picture is taken five months later on our last day, right after having successfully presented our thesis results to Scania. Mission accomplished!

Thank you,

Petter Jakobsson

Petter and Erik

First day of Petter and Erik’s master’s thesis in January, 2015.

Petter and Erik

Petter and Erik right after their final presentation in June, 2015.


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