Insights from stakeholders

Insights from stakeholders

Close dialogue and working relationships with stakeholders help Scania partner on shared interests and common goals.


Scania promotes interactive relationships with employees and the company engages widely. Employees meet regularly to identify improvements to production systems within the Scania Production System (SPS) model, and two employee representatives contribute to corporate strategy at Board level. Scania gathers employee opinions through the company-wide employee barometer and exit interviews.


In 2014, Scania held supplier training sessions in Brazil and Argentina to share best practice. In 2015, Scania held similar events in India and China with the European business network CSR Europe, as well as for the logistics sector in Europe.

Policy makers

Scania works with national governments on sustainable transport issues at the regional, national and international levels. The company’s key policy themes are: decarbonisation, competitiveness and access to competence. Scania’s biennial Sustainable Transport Conference is an example of the commitment to evolving sustainable transport.


Scania focuses on building long-term relationships with customers. Through close dialogue and partnership, Scania develops a better understanding of their business and their role in the logistics flow. This enables Scania to tailor the right solution for their needs. To gain further insight, Scania conducts deep-dive interviews to understand their sustainability and business priorities.