Inside track on innovation at Scania

Inside track on innovation at Scania

Scania has a strong reputation for focusing on innovation and R&D. The company has twice appeared on the Top 100 Global Innovators list that media company Thomson Reuters has published annually since 2011.

But what exactly is the secret to Scania’s success in this area? The answer is this: a culture of innovation shared not only by the 3,500 employees working in R&D, but across all of the company’s departments and global operations.

Magnus MackAldener is Scania’s Engineering Director for Transmission Development. “Sometimes you need a thousand bad ideas to get a really brilliant one,” he explains. “And the only way to get to that brilliant idea is to allow the thousand bad ideas to be explored.”

Katarina Stetler is an Ergonomist and Innovation Strategist. “Innovation at Scania stems from a large number of people working together, with everyone doing their small part,” she says. “Every single employee has to provide their piece of the puzzle when it comes to innovation.”

Hear more from Katarina and Magnus and view exclusive footage of Scania’s R&D labs in this film.

Research & Development

Scania’s research and development organisation develops products, services and solutions providing optimal levels of quality, efficiency and customer profitability. Innovations are largely focused on advancing low-carbon transport solutions.Read more