Industrial Maintenance

Industrial Maintenance

Our work range from production maintenance and facility management, to running industrial projects.

Our services is closest to Scania´s core business – that is why we can ensure the productions process efficiency and profitability.We make sure that investments are used in a productive and cost-effective way. We suggest and implement future complete technical solutions and have expertise within automation, control and regulation, electrical installations and HVAC.

Do you thrive on problem-solving and have a passion for engineering? A position within Industrial Maintenance will give you the opportunity to work within a broad area, where you have the chance to develop in your job.

Roles within Industrial Maintenance

There are a number of roles that can suit you within Industrial Maintenance.


  • works with preventive and corrective maintenance on CNC-controlled production machines and transport equipment or on facility equipment
  • involves troubleshooting, conversions, measures to raise quality involving design changes and documentation updates, along with condition based monitoring
  • makes sure that the facilities within your area are utilised in a way that is as cost-effective and energy-efficient as possible.


  • works with preventive and corrective maintenance on production machines and transport equipment
  • conducts troubleshooting on hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • involves bearing replacements and mechanical repairs, conversions, changes to design and condition based monitoring.

Project leader

  • leads and runs projects within Facility and Industry
  • responsible for planning, calculation, procuring and implementing assignments and projects
  • works with cross-functional teams

Work areas within Scania

With 49,000 employees in 100 countries, we are strategically placed where our customers need us, wherever they operate.

Research and Development operations are based in Södertälje, with some 3,500 employees. Scania’s aim is to use customers’ specific needs to develop high-quality products, services and solutions with short lead times.

We have production units in seven countries in Europe and in Latin America, with some 12,400 employees working to ensure production, quality and delivery. There is a focus on continuous improvements within the areas of production, working environment and safety.

The IT area requires many resources and solid expertise in order to be able to deliver solutions to all parts of Scania’s operation.

Scania´s organisation also encompasses a wide variety of different areas of operation for conducting business affairs, selling products and services, and providing support to the organisation.