Indian miner boosts profitability with Scania’s help

Indian miner boosts profitability with Scania’s help

Indian mining company VPR put Scania’s P 380 to the test through a series of tough trials. The company was so impressed it now owns one of the biggest Scania fleets in the country.

The mining sector takes a heavy toll on vehicles. So when Indian mining giant VPR decided to improve its fleet’s quality, service options and accessibility to parts, it did thorough research.

In 2007 the mining-excavation and irrigation company looked closely at the different truck options on the market, before ultimately trialling Scania P 380 vehicles as suggested by Scania distributor Larsen & Toubro that also provided the vehicles for trials. VPR now operates one of the biggest Scania fleets in India and has seen its profitability soar.

“After using Scania trucks there has been a 10 to 15 percent increase in our profitability because of lower maintenance and better uptime,” says Prabhakar Reddy, Managing Director of VPR Mining and Infrastructure.

Looking for carrying capacity, maintenance costs and uptime

In its search for a suitable line of vehicles, VPR looked at factors including carrying capacity, maintenance costs and uptime.

Carrying capacity was a major consideration because VPR vehicles need to tolerate high loads. Because the maintenance of trucks in the mining sector often involves significant time and effort, the ability of vehicles to function efficiently in mining terrain and tough conditions was another important consideration. VPR also needed trucks that could provide maximum uptime and maximize the frequency of trips to remove mining waste from mine sites.

Through trials, VPR was able to conclude that Scania trucks delivered value and lower total cost of ownership. Based on the trucks’ efficiency and the quality of service provided, VPR decided to make Scania a trusted partner.

“The products are not only high on quality, but Scania’s after-sales service has contributed immensely to our business operations,” Mr. Prabhakar says. “Their driver training program and ability to solve problems on time have made life simpler and easier for us.”

Important with feedback from customers

Doing mining work

Doing mining work

Anders Grundströmer, Managing Director Scania Commercial Vehicles India and Senior Vice President Scania Group, says: “At Scania we listen to feedback from our customers and solve any issues they are facing with our products. We also take what we have learned and use this in the production process to improve quality.”

Today, VPR has 104 P 380 tipper trucks in operation. Outside India, VPR has used Scania trucks in Africa and Indonesia.

In line with Scania’s focus on continuous improvement of products, the recently launched P 410 8×4 truck contains many new functions helping customers improve their profitability and operating efficiency.

Scania’s service operations are managed in partnership with Larsen & Toubro Limited.