ICA: “Collaboration is key”

ICA: “Collaboration is key”

Swedish food retailer ICA wants to join forces with fuel suppliers and vehicle manufacturers in order to reach its CO2 goals.

ICA is the biggest food retailer in Sweden, but also does business in the Baltics. It wants to reduce carbon emissions by 30 percent before 2020.

“To reach that goal we need a range of vehicles, fuel from all the fuel suppliers for all alternatives, and the right infrastructure,” says Per Andersson, Head of Operational Excellence at ICA Sweden. “And to get that in place requires collaboration between all of us.”

Andersson sees the collaboration between Lantmännen and Scania regarding ethanol as an interesting example. “When you have a package that you can deliver to a customer, both from the fuel supplier and the vehicle manufacturer, I think that’s the way to move forward,” he says.

At a recent event for customers and transport buyers, Scania unveiled the industry’s broadest range of sustainable transport solutions to selected guests who all have ambitious goals to reduce their environmental impact. Scania made it clear that it’s possible to take control and reduce carbon emissions here and now.