Human Resources

Human Resources

Work within Human Resources is conducted in line with defined processes and in close collaboration with the organisation.

Each local area has dedicated resources working alongside managers and offering expertise within HR. The focus is on developing both the organisation and its employees.

The work of Human Resources has a cross-functional focus, aiming to support Scania’s managers in their roles as employers. Every manager is responsible for their staff, and has the support of both local and central HR resources

The central organisation specialises in areas such as recruitment, labour law and competence development. In addition there are specialists working with health, safety and work environment.. Salary and personnel administration are also examples of central HR functions.

Roles within Human Resources

There are a multitude of roles within HR at Scania. Below are some examples of the types of roles and their associated duties.

Global Mobility Specialist

  • ensures a smooth transition process for employees moving between countries
  • supports line managers, HR colleagues and employees throughout the entire expatriate process
  • has contacts with internal and external partners

Labour Affairs Specialist

  • supports top management, HR colleagues and managers within areas like labour law, negotiation processes and rehabilitation
  • conducts enquiries and manages projects within labour affairs
  • follows-up the company’s collective agreements, as well as on rehabilitation and terminations

Recruitment Specialist

  • supports managers in recruitment and staffing issues
  • handles recruitment within their business area
  • together with their team, creates effective processes and routines for recruitment

HR Manager

  • develops employees within HR
  • responsible for quality assurance of HR work, and acting as a dialogue partner and expert regarding complex HR issues
  • responsible for strategic HR work

HR Business Partner

  • provides expertise and support, as well as act as a partner in dialogue regarding HR issues
  • supports and develops managers in people management
  • acts as employer representative and in some contexts acts as Scania’s external representative

Work areas within Scania

With 49,000 employees in 100 countries, we are strategically placed where our customers need us, wherever they operate.

Research and Development operations are based in Södertälje, with some 3,500 employees. Scania’s aim is to use customers’ specific needs to develop high-quality products, services and solutions with short lead times.

We have production units in seven countries in Europe and in Latin America, with some 12,400 employees working to ensure production, quality and delivery. There is a focus on continuous improvements within the areas of production, working environment and safety.

The IT area requires many resources and solid expertise in order to be able to deliver solutions to all parts of Scania’s operation.

Scania´s organisation also encompasses a wide variety of different areas of operation for conducting business affairs, selling products and services, and providing support to the organisation.