How to find a Master Thesis Topic

How to find a Master Thesis Topic

As SSI-students, most of us will be writing our master thesis at Scania, it’s a part of the programme. This means that we have to find a topic (just like everyone else). There is only one problem, to decide. And to know what we can choose from. I have to tell you, it’s a jungle out there! At Scania, you can practically choose from any possible topic, but you need to find a group willing to supervise you and discuss with them how you can adapt the thesis after your needs and interests. It’s practically your own responsibility to find the thesis topic even though it’s a part of the SSI-programme but you will get guidance and help to find one, if you need it. One of the advantages of being a part of the SSI-programme is the access you get to the intranet and all your colleagues. It’s not hard to find someone working with whatever you’re interested in if you just make sure to talk to people and ask around.

I am actually not quite sure myself what I want to do, but one thing that interest me a lot is Big Data and data analysis, so right now I’m trying to find groups working with that. I have met with one group manager at Scania IT this week, working with Business Intelligence. I will meet with another group manager at R&D after the vacation at a data analysis group.

So, how do one book those meetings? Well, at first: mingle. Ask people what they work with, and tell them about your interests. They will tell you that they know someone that work or used to work in that field. And then you make sure to reconnect and get the full name of the person or the group and then you search the intranet. When you’ve found whoever you were looking for: send an e-mail. Everyone is very helpful and if you happen to end up totally wrong, they will do their best to redirect you in a way that will lead to wherever you were heading.

Yes, it’s a bit tricky to search if you don’t even know what you are looking for. But if you mingle around you might find something you didn’t even know existed and maybe that’s what you really want to do. In my opinion, this is the strength of the Scania Student Intro Programme. The access and freedom to wander around here and find your own way. It’s perfect for those who know exactly what they want but maybe even better for those, like me, who don’t really know and want to see all there is to do here. The biggest mission of this summer have officially started: Finding a topic for my master thesis. I’ll let you know when I succeed.


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