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Offering the most efficient technology for our products combined with services is core to what we do. We focus on three areas of energy efficiency to “optimise the vehicle and driving”: powertrain performance, vehicle optimisation and fuel consumption.

Thanks to improved powertrains and aerodynamics, our new truck generation is our most energy-efficient range to date, reducing our long-distance customers’ fuel consumption by an average of six percent compared to the previous generation.

In addition to powertrain and vehicle technology, we further improve our
customers’ energy efficiency though a range of services designed to push the limits of fuel reduction.

Scania Ecolution offers a complete suite of services to minimise fuel consumption, including CO2 optimised vehicles, driver training on fuel-efficient driving techniques, and individual driver coaching based on real-time operational data.

Driver Evaluation that is part of Scania’s Fleet Management offer provides insight on the drivers’ driving style to identify areas of improvement.

Both Driver Evaluation and Scania Ecolution can cut customers’ fuel consumption by more than 10 percent, thereby reducing their operating costs as well as their CO2 emissions and environmental impact.