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Sustainability Management

Expectations and requirements within the area of sustainability are constantly developing, and Scania’s understanding and ambitions needs to evolve in tandem with society. 

To successfully reach Scania’s high ambitions in the sustainability area, Scania must have a transformative approach to sustainability. Transformation means fundamental changes to products and services, to the business model and to how the company is operated. This transformative approach requires leadership from the highest level of the company, and is manifested through the Corporate Strategy. 


While responsibility to embed sustainability to normal processes rests with management within each function at Scania, success in this area rests on our ability to work cross-functionally. 

Scania Sustainability Board (SSB)

Scania Sustainability Board (SSB) has the role to coordinate and steer sustainability cross-functionally at Scania. SSB is the forum responsible for tracking progress and escalating deviations for Sustainability as part of the corporate strategy. SSB is a cross functional group, where all Corporate Functions are represented and is chaired by Scania’s CEO and President.