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Driving customer profitability through sustainable solutions and pursuing responsible business are complementary long-term perspectives for continuing being a profitable company. While the core of our contribution to society is delivering sustainable transport solutions, it does not mean that our responsibility ends there.

Sustainable transport

Sustainable transport is all about moving people and goods while contributing to economic and social development without jeopardising human health and safety or endangering the environment. It is about “Doing the right things”.

There is no single solution for transforming the transport system into a sustainable one. Rather, a holistic approach is called for, considering the specific transport assignment and the maturity of the transport and logistics infrastructure in different parts of the world. Our approach is based on three pillars: 

Energy efficiency, Renewable fuels and electrification and Smart and safe transport.

Responsible business

Scania’s approach to sustainability is firmly rooted in our core values and our way of working. We strive to ensure that our business is sustainable in all aspects and that we are complying with the highest social, ethical and environmental standards.

Complementary sustainability is about how we operate our business, our manufacturing and about our employees. Change have to start at home. To drive the shift in the wider transport industry, we need to make sure are conducting our own business responsibly, in line with our core values and international standards. We simply call this “Doing things right”.

We have identified six business responsibility areas: Environmental footprint , Diversity and inclusion, Health and safety, Human and labour rights, Business ethics and Community engagement.


Pursuing high standards in our operations and in our value chain will strengthen our ability to change the game of transport by generating experience, knowledge and capabilities that can be translated into product and service development as well as giving us the credibility needed on the market.


For Scania, working sustainably is rooted in our ways of being and operating. Our efforts builds on our heritage and our strengths such as the core values, our management system inspired by the Lean philosophy, the modular system and our leadership principles.