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In the future, every transport can be electric. And for a more sustainable world, many of them will have to be. So, although electrification of shorter transports is already happening, as power infrastructure improves and batteries become more efficient, lighter and cheaper – the electrified range and capability will keep extending.

A successful industry transition depends on a delicate balance between both environmental and business sustainability, as well as maturity in technology and infrastructure. A balance best achieved together with our customers, our partners in energy and infrastructure – as well as the legislators in charge.

What does it mean for my business?

No matter if you run a huge fleet of buses or a small truck operation, we'll help you transition in a way that's sustainable for your business – when the time is right. Right now, or in a decade. With our holistic approach to electrification you always get more than just vehicles – quite literally. Financing, charging infrastructure, transport planning, maintenance, driver training and fleet optimisation are all pieces of the puzzle, and our solutions can cover every need.

Electric solutions – a new way to buy vehicles

Every electric vehicle sale is packaged as a solution to ensure you’re fully covered for electric operation. A turnkey solution that leverages everything from our vehicles and services, our partnerships with energy suppliers, to our experience and long term guidance. 

Our electric range

The fact that we have an electric range with both trucks and buses signifies our sustained focus on one of the most important transitions our industry has seen – across all our various customer needs, and using a range of different technologies.

So follow our links below for more information about the battery electric trucks, the plug-in hybrid trucks, the battery electric buses and hybrid buses for both city and longer distance.

Electric Truck

Hybrid truck

BEV Buses

Hybrid buses

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Scania introduces first commercial electric truck range

Scania today commercially launches its range of electric trucks, a milestone in its aim to be leading in the transition to a sustainable transport system. The high-performance plug-in hybrid and fully electric trucks initially focus on urban applications, including distribution to retailers. With Scania’s proven record in delivering premium diesel and renewable fuel trucks, the launch marks a significant step in the company’s development. 

Electric trucks – increasingly compelling option

Transport buyers, cities and consumers are having a strong pull effect on the shift of the heavy transport industry to sustainable transport solutions, particularly electrification. This is creating a good upside on revenues at the same time as technological advances make the cost of operations much more favourable. It all adds up to the fact that electrification is a solution whose time has come.

How electric vehicles fit into Scania’s sustainability journey

The launch of Scania’s fully electric truck is a milestone on the company and its customers’ journey to a fossil-free commercial transport system. It also underlines the central importance of electric vehicle technology to Scania’s sustainability commitment. Scania is committed to achieving a fossil-free commercial transport system and electric vehicles are a crucial part of that journey.

Meet the people that make the transition possible