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Scania, Ihro and Audi launch joint gas pilot project

7 APRIL 2016

With the aim of reducing carbon emissions, internal transport operations with a gas-powered Scania tractor unit are now in service at the Audi manufacturing plant in Neckarsulm. To maximise load capacity, and thereby further reduce CO2 emissions, a higher “megatrailer” is being used. In order to comply with the German regulations of four metres maximum height, a Scania tractor unit with an extra low chassis is needed.


Audi expects that it will also cut emissions of particulate matter compared with diesel-powered trucks. “This is a valuable contribution to the environment at the site,” explains Markus Schmelcher, Head Planning and Material Control at Audi Neckarsulm. “The noise level is also significantly lower compared with conventional trucks.”


A gas-powered Scania tractor unit.

To obtain the same level of transport while significantly reducing emissions, Audi has collaborated with its logistics partner Spedition Hans Ihro and Scania. Together, the parties developed a project plan, which has resulted in operations with the gas-powered truck.


“We are actively looking for innovative solutions, not only in the cars we produce but in all areas, including our plant in Neckarsulm,” says Markus Schmelcher.