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Durban Waste: ‘Bioethanol has a potential’

28 JANUARY 2016

The South African port city of Durban recently announced that it wants to reduce carbon emissions by 34 percent by 2030. One way of doing that is by introducing bioethanol to its fleet of waste disposal trucks.


Logan Moodley, who is responsible for the Durban’s waste disposal, says planning started 10 years ago when the city saw that climate change was becoming a problem. He says there is potential for using bioethanol in its fleet on account of the local sugar cane industry.


“That discussion needs to start now between the fuel suppliers and the sugar cane farmers as well as the city who wants to initiate the project and, obviously, the truck suppliers,” Moodley says. “If you can show some kind of sustainable link between all those parties, or stakeholders, then it will take off.”


At a recent event for customers and transport buyers, Scania unveiled the industry’s broadest range of sustainable transport solutions to selected guests who all have ambitious goals to reduce their environmental impact. Scania made it clear that it’s possible to take control and reduce carbon emissions here and now.