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Solutions for leaner, greener value chains

For industries, leaner logistics is the key to profitability. By taking a holistic view of our industrial value chains, Scania is helping our customers eliminate waste, reduce costs and improve sustainability.

Transport is central to industries’ value chains. To maximise productivity and profitability, materials must flow as smoothly as possible. Any waste or disruption along the chain means higher production times and operating costs, reducing profitability and adversely affecting the environment.


Scania works with a wide range of industries, with customers from agriculture and forestry to construction and mining. Whatever the industry, the key to our approach to industry flows is to step back and take a holistic view. We analyse  all aspects of the production journey, from raw material to finished product. By doing so, we can identify any inefficient processes, and then suggest actions to make them leaner and eliminate waste. In this way we can devise a complete solution for the overall logistical flow.

Vehicles as part of the value chain

At Scania, we see our vehicles as part of the production value chain. For example, by positioning raw material correctly, a forester can load timber more quickly and safely onto trucks for transport. Through Scania Driver Training and Coaching, a construction company driver for example can cut on-site idling time to reduce fuel consumption. We believe solutions such as these are vital for maximising productivity and profitability across the value chain.

Smart services that anticipate customer needs

For our industry customers, connectivity makes a vital contribution to maximising logistical efficiency. Thanks to the data we collect from more than 430,000 connected vehicles in real time, we are able to provide a variety of services that enhance uptime, reliability and profitability. These include smart maintenance services that pinpoint exactly when repairs need to take place, and driver training applications that can be adapted to specific industries and applications.


As well as allowing Scania to create ever-smarter services, connectivity enables the use of autonomous  technology in closed areas such as mines or container terminals.

Solutions tailored to every need

Although our holistic approach remains  the same for all our industry customers, we know that each industry faces its own specific transport challenges. For example, agriculture operations are affected by seasonality, which means that trucks may be under-utilised for part of the year. Mining is a uniquely challenging environment, with ever-increasing stresses around productivity, sustainability and compliance. With our modular system combined with a deep understanding of each of our customers’ industries, we’re able to offer flexible solutions tailored to individual needs.