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Can hauliers be both responsive and responsible? With Scania’s transport solutions, they can.

In an era of e-commerce and just-in-time supply chains, operators are under pressure to provide fast deliveries. At the same time, as awareness of the environmental and social impacts of road transport grows, transport service buyers and their end-customers increasingly expect hauliers to operate sustainably. To stay competitive, hauliers must find a way to reconcile both of these demands. Scania’s transport solutions are designed to address the challenge, helping our customers be lean, responsible and consumer-focused.


Scania truly understands our customers’ business with our holistic overview of the industry and knowledge of logistical flows. We analyse issues such as fuel consumption, driver performance, fleet management, supply chain waste and harmful emissions. Based on these insights, we can then develop and provide the solutions that hauliers need to be both sustainable and profitable.


At Scania, we know that staying on the road is crucial to our customers’ success – and we offer a range of services to increase uptime while ensuring sustainability. These include driver training, with techniques that increase fuel efficiency and road safety while significantly reducing downtime and operating costs. Reducing downtime is also the integral aim of Scania Maintenance with Flexible Plans, where vehicles are maintained based on actual usage.


Emerging technologies such as automation offer major advantages for long-haul transport, boosting uptime and improving safety, efficiency and cost savings. To prepare for the future, Scania is making significant investments in self-driving technology for heavy vehicles, including a programme to develop an autonomous hub-to-hub route in Sweden.