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By taking a holistic approach to industrial value chains, Scania is helping our customers eliminate waste, reduce costs and improve sustainability.

For industries, leaner logistics is the key to sustainable success. Margins are small, and transport economy is vital. Any waste or disruption along the chain means longer production times and higher costs, reducing profitability and impacting sustainability.


At Scania, we believe that developing transport solutions for industry customers calls for a holistic approach. We start by looking at all aspects of the production journey, from raw material to finished product. In this way, we can identify blockages along the entire production line and devise a complete solution for the overall logistical flow. 


Our solutions are supported by the latest technology. Data from our connected vehicles allows us to analyse industry flows in real-time, pinpointing where inefficiencies lie and unlocking insights on how to correct deviations and eliminate waste. This also allows us to create highly customised services, from maintenance services that can predict exactly when repairs need to take place, to driver training programmes that reduce idling time and fuel consumption.


From mining and construction to agriculture and forestry, every industry has its own individual challenges. By working in close partnership with our customers, and using our deep understanding of industry flows, we develop flexible solutions tailor-made to suit the specific needs of each customer.