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Around the world, Scania’s transport solutions are making cities cleaner and more liveable, while also supporting economic development and empowering local communities.

As our cities grow bigger and more crowded, urban transport systems are under increasing pressure – with knock-on impacts for the environment, public health, and society. Working with others across the transport ecosystem, Scania is helping to address the challenge, delivering solutions that are making our cities cleaner, healthier, and more resilient.


In cities around the world, our electrified trucks and buses are beginning to help reducing air pollution, traffic noise, and CO2 emissions. We are also working with cities to make sustainably sourced biofuels more readily available. This not only accelerates CO2 reduction but can bring value to local communities by creating jobs, reducing waste, and creating a circular business around fuel production.


Limited access to mobility is a problem in many cities, particularly for people with disabilities and those from other vulnerable social groups. Through our sustainable public transport solutions, we are helping to empower communities by ensuring that urban transport is safe, affordable, and accessible by everyone.


By helping to shift urban transport away from a private car ownership model, bus rapid transit systems (BRTs) have a major role to play in improving urban mobility and reducing emissions. Using our understanding of logistical flows, we are working with city transport planners to develop efficient, high-capacity BRTs.