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Transport is changing – and Scania is changing with it. Throughout our business, we are embracing new ways of working and developing the diverse skill base we need to succeed.

Our industry is changing fast. As new technology disrupts the landscape, new competitors are emerging, and the needs of our customers are becoming much less predictable. To succeed in this rapidly evolving business environment, we are working to ensure we have the right working culture and skills in place to take on the future. 


To do this, we are embracing new ways of working, adopting a more agile, entrepreneurial mindset. We are improving the diversity of our workforce, while fostering the kind of inclusive work environment that makes the most of the outstanding talent within our organisation. At the same time, we are ensuring we retain and develop the core skills that made our business great in the first place.  


Delivering on our strategy depends on leadership, and a common vision. Through processes like Skill Capture and online learning portals, we are ensuring that our business transformation is led from the top, and embraced throughout our organisation. Scania is committed to a just and inclusive transition, and consider the cooperation with our employee representatives to be one of the keys in this journey.

Start-up culture

Throughout our business, we are developing the probing, entrepreneurial mindset that today’s transport business demands. Our Growth Capital exchange programme and Innovation Factory are just two examples of Scania initiatives that encourage this way of working. 


Growth Capital exchange programme 


Scania Growth Capital is Scania’s venture capital fund, investing in high-growth companies with strategic relevance to the customers and partners in the ecosystem in the automotive- and transport industries. Through the Growth Capital exchange programme, we partner with companies funded by Scania Growth Capital to give Scania employees hands-on experience of the culture in a high-growth company. Through the programme, Scania employees are given a placement at one of the companies we invest in. The programme gives employees a chance to acquire vital new skills and an agile mindset, as well as for Scania to strengthen its partnerships and develop our entrepreneurial culture.

Innovation Factory

For Scania, being equipped for the future depends on having the entrepreneurial skills to turn bright ideas into business opportunities. For that reason, we created Scania Innovation Factory: an in-house accelerator programme that channels our employees’ ideas and gives them experience of releasing new products and services to the market that could benefit Scania.

Skill capture: how Scania is harnessing the power of diversity

For Scania, diversity and inclusion are a strategic necessity. As our business landscape evolves, it is vital that we stay attuned to the changing needs of our customers, and be ready to explore new business opportunities and innovative solutions, created by emerging technology. To do that, we need a workforce that is truly diverse, with a broad range of skills, knowledge, backgrounds, and experiences, and where this diversity can be fully used in an inclusive environment.


At Scania, we achieve this through Skill Capture, our way of developing diversity and inclusion across all parts of our organisation. By improving our abilities, we are more innovative, efficient and attractive – all essential to lead in sustainable transport. It is not only about developing people processes, but also incorporating the Skill Capture mindset in everything we do, e.g. business development. 


We are currently rolling out the Skill Capture programme globally, and continuously develop the programme through all the interactions with the people in the organisation as well as external partners.

“Diversity is like being invited to the party, but inclusion is also being invited to dance” 

Helle bay

Executive Vice President, Head of Human Resources, Scania

Developing new skills

As well as building on the skills we already have, we also need to develop new ones. Through Scania Academy, we provide a range of tailor-made programmes designed to help our employees foster and develop the knowledge and expertise they need in today’s dynamic transport industry. These include our Front-end Developer Programme, which gives employees with no prior experience of software development the chance to gain valuable coding skills and begin a new career in IT.

“Since I joined the programme my professional career has taken a totally different path. I’m still learning new things every day.” 

Tina Tizro, graduate of Scania’s Front-end Developer Programme

Raising awareness

Driving the shift calls for energy and total commitment. We want everyone across our business to feel inspired and motivated by our strategic direction. To raise awareness, strategy information is made accessible to all employees, alongside learning portals for a deeper learning of the focus areas in Scania’s strategy. Another very tangible example of increasing the whole company’s awareness, was during Scania’s Climate Day in 2019 when operations stopped in more than 50 countries to learn more about climate change and to share ideas on how all employees can contribute to addressing climate change in their daily work.

Strategically developing the right skills

At Scania, we know that delivering on our strategy depends on having the right workforce in place. Through Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP), we take a strategic approach to developing skills and nurturing talent, ensuring we have the right people and competencies available when they are needed. SWP is our way of ingraining workforce planning into our strategic thinking.