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Our commitment to sustainability leads the way

For Scania driving the shift to a sustainable transport system begins with ensuring that sustainability is part of everything we do. 

At Scania, there is no separate strategy for sustainability. Instead, sustainability is at the core of our business strategy aiming to align our targets and activities with sustainable development. Scania’s overarching purpose is to drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system. To achieve this goal, Scania must do the right thing and act as a responsible business – environmentally, socially, and ethically.


Scania’s corporate focus areas for sustainability in the coming decade are defined by our social and environmental impact and in dialogue with our stakeholders. As part of Scania’s business strategy, we have set three priority areas where we must deliver in order to operate sustainably in the future: carbon reduction, circular business, and people sustainability. 


In each of these areas, we have made ambitious commitments. Fulfilling them demands bold, transformative action across every part of our business, from our products and services, to how the company operates all the way to our business models.


Success in this journey rests on our ability to work cross-functionally. Established in 2016, Scania Sustainability Board (previously Sustainability Advisory Board)is Scania’s forum for cross-functional coordination of sustainability, bringing together all parts of the company. It plays a key role to track progress on sustainability as part of the business strategy. 


Expectations and requirements within the area of sustainability are constantly developing, and Scania´s understanding and ambitions need to evolve in tandem with society. We need to be transparent about our challenges and constantly be open to seeking out new and unexpected alliances to meet them.

Carbon reduction

CO2 emissions are our main environmental impact, and the area where we can make the biggest contribution to sustainable development. To manage our climate impact, we are committed to reducing emissions throughout our entire value chain and across all relevant scopes. Through our science-based carbon reduction targets, we have set clear goals for carbon reduction and defined the areas we need to prioritise in order to achieve them. 

Circular business

At Scania, we believe that being a sustainable business depends on adopting a more circular economic model, where the use of existing resources is maximised and waste is minimised all along the value chain. Circular business aligns with our core value, Elimination of waste, as well as our lean production system and our modularisation approach. 


Circularity plays a role in our value chain and for our business model today, and we believe it will grow to become vital in the future. Therefore we are taking actions to gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities of a circular approach in the different parts of our value chain. This includes exploring new business models, working with our supply chain, extending the life of our products, optimising the use of resources and energy, maintaining product value as far as possible, remanufacturing spare parts, and promoting recycling at the end-of-life product phase. As we move into an electrified transport system, we are also exploring business opportunities around recycling and reusing battery components and raw materials.

People sustainability

People and society depend on transport. Sustainable transport makes life better for people, strengthens economies, and keeps society moving forward. Through our solutions, we are helping our customers address major social challenges such as air and noise pollution, congestion, road safety, and unequal access to transport.


Scania is dependent on people in everything we do, and we have an impact on the lives of millions of people every day, both directly and indirectly. At Scania, we believe that enhancing the positive impact we have on people and society while assessing and minimising the negative effects, is integral to our mission to drive the shift to a sustainable transport system. Through our People Sustainability approach, Scania intends to move towards a sustainable offering with true positive impact on business, people and society, and to make this tangible to stakeholders.