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Three questions to Per-Arne Eriksson

Scania Growth Capital is Scania’s corporate venture capital fund. It invests in companies working on the transition to a sustainable transport system and in enterprises that have the potential to develop new technology and new business models.

Per-Arne Eriksson, Engineering Director, Customised Truck Development at Scania, and board member of Corebon, why did Scania invest in Corebon?

Corebon has developed an innovative method for the production of carbon fibre components, that promises to disrupt or replace the standard solutions. The company’s technology has strategic relevance to the ecosystem in which Scania operates. In the rapidly changing automotive industry, we see the possibility of expanding the use of carbon fibre composites.


From Scania’s point of view, how can you contribute to the success of Corebon?

As a board member of Corebon, I try to support the CEO and the management team of the company in different ways. It could be advice on strategic issues or questions connected to production, HR or R&D. I also often involve my network inside and outside Scania to support Corebon.


What can Scania co-workers with entrepreneurial skills or interests learn from Corebon?

First of all, of course, they can gain knowledge relating to fibre composites. But I also believe that we can learn from small companies where the employees often need to work with multiple cross-functional work tasks and who operate with the mindset “If it´s going to happen… It´s up to me”.