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Together with our futurists, creatives, design and tech teams, we’re envisioning a more sustainable future of transport. 
Discover more on future cities and collaboration.

The vision

How is artificial intelligence a key driver towards sustainability? What concerns does this future vision reveal?


The potential of future cities is explored in this round table discussion, featuring futurist Adah Parris, visionary Håkan Schildt, writer Leigh Alexander and social entrepreneur Jean Rose, each of whom bring their unique insights into the debate.


Listen to the extended conversation below:

By Leigh Alexander

Tonight, all barriers to maximum freakification would be lifted. Because tonight, Hugo’s parents were going away for the entire weekend, and Mariela was coming over to play Marauders.


Marauders was no ordinary interactive game. Even Mariela’s big brother Benicio had said Marauders gave him nightmares, and Mariela’s brother Benicio was sixteen and not afraid of anything. 


Of course, their parents had strictly forbidden the younger kids to play, on pain of having their devices revoked….


Listen to the extended conversation below:


Episode I

Future cities

What will it be like to experience a city in the future?

Episode III


Will collaboration today help tomorrow's problems?