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My name is Dávid Takács

The enhanced digitalisation in the transport business demands great amounts of real-time data to be transmitted to and from over 600,000 vehicles. Dávid Takács, Senior Developer and Data Scientist at Scania works with aggregation and analysis of this constant data flow, to understand the infrastructure and keep track of costs for telecom transmissions, as well as turning connected vehicle information into digital products.


Dávid was recently invited to a big IT convention in Las Vegas, hosted by Snowflake, together with his colleague Ulf Holmström, to present their groundbreaking work with cloud based big data processing – unusual for a company in the automotive industry. “They invited us because they probably see a great potential for this field, with growing electrification. Customers who invest in battery electric vehicles have many questions about range prediction, charging planning and transport optimisation. It is satisfying that we safeguard a sustainable future for their business with Scania.”  


In 2018, after he left his home country Hungary to work for a Swedish tech start-up in Stockholm, Dávid joined two other data scientists at Scania Connected Services. “A friend told me Scania was a good company to work for.” The team he became a part of had the character of an agile start-up, transforming into an all cloud-based service business. “During my first 18 months we visited dealers and customers to learn about their daily operations on-site. I experienced that we have a lot of interesting data, valuable for development of their respective business and the transport sector.”  


Now, he really engages in cloud-based data processing. “We use Amazon Web Services for our digital infrastructure, and placed a database application from Snowflake, on top of this. This setup makes it possible for us to do advanced analytics and construct a data warehouse with valuable assets for our customers. And allows us to be more independent when analysing and transforming big data into useful knowledge and commodities.”  


His department has six data scientists and Dávid is a great fit to the team. With his deep experience of software engineering and machine learning, he enjoys driving the digital transition of a large industrial company, and has become a popular mentor for younger developers.