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Maria found her place at Scania

Maria Kristo has been with Scania for a short while and she has already made it to team leader. Maria used to work in a store and in child-care, but she wanted to try a new career. Searching for job opportunities in the greater Stockholm area, she filed an application to Scania. “The impression I had in the interview was very much “me”, and here I am, one and a half a years later, working as a team-leader in a logistics department, and I really like it.”

Leading a group of seven, with various backgrounds and experiences, Maria Kristo sees the benefits of diversity in her department. Maria is half Finnish and half Lebanese, and her colleagues originates from Sweden, Spain, Africa, and the Middle East. “With different points of views, we become stronger, and diversity becomes an asset, she concludes.”


Maria is happy that more women have been recruited within production and ogistics over the last years. Not just to improve statistics, but to have a larger variation of competences. She thinks that gender matters less than before. “I don’t feel discriminated as a young woman,” she says. “I am pretty straight forward, and I have integrity. I can lead meetings and people pay attention when I speak up, as a leader.”


When she compares Scania with other workplaces Maria feels that she and her co-workers are more active in the development of the common work culture. “The management guides us well but we are the true driving force.”


One of the main reasons for Maria to stay with Scania is the possibilities to grow and explore. Thinking of the future, she would like to learn more about leadership and engage more in project work. “I feel that there is so much to learn regardless of if you have worked for one or ten years. It never ends.”