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Autonomous solutions

The shift to autonomous transport has begun

Scania has always been at the forefront of innovative trucking solutions and autonomous transport is no exception. Scania’s Autonomous Transport Solutions system has been developed in cooperation with leading technology suppliers and academic institutions.

Automation will have a revolutionary impact on transport, improving energy efficiency and safety and relieving congestion issues. Autonomous trucks will profoundly change heavy goods transportation in the future, transforming logistical flows and enabling goods to travel for longer distances without stopping. Autonomous public transport will encourage more ride-sharing, with smaller vehicles, greater frequency and more direct lines offering improved convenience and comfort.


In fact, the shift to autonomous transport is already taking place. Trials of autonomous taxis and buses are currently underway, and many logistical centers around the world are already becoming partly or entirely autonomous.

Scania’s Autonomous Transport Solutions

Self-driving trucks are only one element of Scania’s autonomous transport portfolio. Autonomous Transport Solutions is a complete system from Scania that encompasses handling logistics, the assignment of tasks to vehicles, and information sharing between vehicles and infrastructure. Each transport solution is individually tailored to the customer’s needs.


With their in-built intelligence, autonomous trucks can interpret and adapt to their surroundings and carry out pre-determined tasks.


Although the first stage of development is the testing of the systems in industrial arenas such as mines and ports, they will be available for general road use in the near future. Starting in relatively controlled industrial settings gives Scania a unique opportunity to develop the systems thoroughly before they are used in more complex environments.