Hard working behind the scenes

Hard working behind the scenes

It is not a secret that the grand launch of the new truck generation was a great success. But few realise the full extent of the efforts behind keeping the truck a secret and protecting the new design from Scania enthusiasts as well as competitors. This has been a long-term mission for Stefan Fagerlund, ISec Advisor, and his colleagues. 

“Our risk analysis have resulted in both sobriety tests on drivers as well as new logistics processes at supplier printing plants. We have been involved in this work together with security coordinators and project managers throughout the whole Scania”.

The main objective has at all levels been to set up requirements on how information owned by Scania must be handled. “We do not want to be regarded as something that prevents the business or someone who causes problems. Our aim is to protect Scania’s information and to safeguard assets and reduce risks as far as possible”. The result is obvious. An improved quality of the normal situation internally as well as at supplier plants.

Working on a secret mission

From the beginning, the focus was on securing the truck design. Stefan and his colleagues then mainly worked with IT security when sending sketches and illustrations via e-mail internally but also via suppliers who handled the information remotely. “With information and awareness you will get far”, says Stefan. ”If you just understand the importance of a password on the USB memory stick, protecting files with passwords and to send the information with encrypted e-mails, the risks are reduced dramatically”.

Stefan Fagerlund, ISec Advisor

Stefan Fagerlund, ISec Advisor

During later stages, when truck models and real vehicles began circulating, the IT security job was to support different projects in protecting the novelty value before the launch. “We have visited a large number of various suppliers, attended film productions, photo shoots, sales trainings and test drivings in several countries. In addition to sending files safely, they have been helped with the logistics of the finished material. It is extremely important to bind brochure pallets, put top layer with the image side down and use sufficient cargo cover. “The suppliers have gained increased knowledge regarding information security, which they can benefit from in other contexts”.

At six times the new truck have been running without masking before the launch. On these film and photo occasions, it has been more important to think about the big picture during cargo, transportation, storage, event and back again. “We always must have an alternative way of return if anything or anyone is approaching. We actually crawled in the bushes with binoculars”, smiles Stefan.

New technology complicates

The work has been very successful. Not one single picture of the real vehicle was published before the launch. However, about 30 dangers have been identified, which could have led to incidents. “For example when unauthorized persons have appeared at the test driving arena unexpectedly or when a camera equipped drone suddenly approached a film shooting”. Stefan stresses that this kind of protection has become much harder nowadays when everyone has a mobile phone with camera and for example drones can be bought by anyone. “In addition we nowadays have a photography behaviour which in itself is a risk. We shoot often and unplanned and upload the photo in social media in seconds. What is in the background can be fatal”.

Stefan says that he probably has had one of the most interesting jobs at Scania. He has received insight throughout the whole company and have had the pleasure to collaborate with many great colleagues in several parts of the company. “It feels good to have been raising awareness of these important issues throughout the company and with help from this truck launch, we have been able to concretely demonstrate the importance of information security”, says Stefan. “And of course, I am proud to have been part of the successful launch”.