Growth strategy

Growth strategy

In Scania’s ambition to grow, profitability and the ability to meet short-term volatility in demand is safeguarded by our modular system, efficient and flexible production and our service business. The growth strategy rests on five pillars.

The growth strategy rests on five pillars.

  • Increasing sales of services per vehicle

    There are several drivers behind the increasing demand for services. Transport companies are focusing more on logistics services, which means a growing need to outsource servicing of vehicles. Tailored packages can increase fuel efficiency and uptime.

  • Grow with the market

    Scania’s ability to maintain market share depends on understanding customers’ needs, so that we can support their growth and profitability by providing the right solutions. We are flexible and resilient in relation to regional differences and changing market and economic conditions.

  • Increase market share

    In selected markets and segments, Scania targets a higher market share. Short lead times are important in bringing new products to market that improve customer efficiency and uptime. A flexible production system means quick adjustments to demand volatility and potential to increase market share when the opportunity arises.

  • New markets

    Scania has ambitions to further strengthen our presence in new markets. There is a growing need globally for cost-efficient sustainable transport solutions. We understand local conditions and are gradually increasing local sourcing.

  • New customer segments

    Scania has a systematic approach to judging the potential in each segment and assess if the modular system can be applied to suit that segment´s specific demands. This ensures that Scania’s revenue potential in each segment will compensate for the cost of adapting products and services.