Graduate Trainee within Production and Logistics

Graduate Trainee within Production and Logistics


In everything we do, we believe in world class leaders, in respect for our customers, employees and our owners, in producing our products and solutions in the most efficient way and we also believe in continuous improvements.

The people in Production and Logistics (P&L) at Scania don’t just create products like trucks, buses and engines, they work daily to develop sustainability thinking and the technology in order to create a better world ahead. Being part of P&L is being part of the travel towards the most efficient and environmental friendly transport solutions globally.

The ideas, the diversity and the innovation runs through everything we do.

Our success factors are world class employees in every area and to develop our current way of working faster than our competitors. This means that you as a P&L trainee at Scania will be part of making a change every day.


We have a 19 year long experience of our current P&L trainee program that will give you the opportunity to

  • Develop yourself by
    • leading people in a technically advanced and modern production system
    • Creating the future leadership within the company
    • working according to our established ways of working and the same time continuously develop both methods and strategies
  • Contribute to improvements by continuously develop employees skills, methods, strategies
  • Be part of the Scania culture where people support each other and always have Scania’s best interest at heart.

The P&L Trainee program could also give you the opportunity to work abroad.


We have opportunities that can help you take your passion and your ideas to the next level. Working with the best minds in the transport business you will get hands-on experience to develop your skills.

You will start you career as a production technician or a logistics developer with a next step as a first line manager or a project leader for major projects.

You as a P&L Trainee will have the best start ever to your future career.

Our way of working

The last 30 years of working according to our Scania Production System (SPS) has lead us to the position where we are today. The core values, the principles, the priorities and our processes as well with the flow thinking, the modular system, the solving problems, the elimination of waste and the continuous improvements. SPS is the success factor, the heart and pulse of Scania. You will get to know, learn and work according to this.

You will build a broad competence within leadership which you will have benefits from in every area you will work in in the future.

We together will build the future of Scania by developing your leadership skills through our trainee program.

Do you want to be part of our journey?