SDG 3 – Good health and well-being

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages

The transport industry is a major contributor to air pollution in our cities, causing premature deaths and diseases. Over a million people are killed in road traffic accidents annually.

Local emissions of particulates have been linked to a series of adverse health effects, in particular premature mortality. In fact, within cites over 80 percent of these emissions can often be attributed to heavy diesel vehicles. Yet, our need for transports is constantly growing – a challenge that must be addressed. Scania has joined the Global Industry Partnership on Soot-Free Clean Bus Fleets with a commitment to provide modern soot-free buses to 20 major cities in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Australia.. Today Scania manufactures and sells soot-free buses that effectively produce up to 99 percent less black carbon emissions than older diesel engine technology. Other types of emissions such as noise can also contribute to bad health. Scania has taken part in trials of night time deliveries in different cities such as Stockholm to reduce noise and improve traffic flow. Furthermore, we work with the safety of drivers and passengers, but also the safety of those surrounding our vehicles. Scania has long worked with security systems like cameras to adapt vehicles to different environments where people, cars and heavy trucks and buses must share the same space. The new trucks’ P- and L-series cabs can be fitted with Scania City Safe Window, a window set low in the driver’s door that helps detect pedestrians and cyclists.

Scania is also active throughout the world and engages in supporting local communities. In South Africa, for example, Scania partners with the Swedish Workplace HIV/AIDS programme (SWHAP) in a regional approach to HIV/AIDS across Southern Africa. Prevention, treatment and care strategies are aimed at protecting employee rights, creating a productive working environment and maintaining healthy workforces for the companies involved.