“Go and see” by the CEO

“Go and see” by the CEO

Scania is the huge multinational company with thousands of employees all over the world. In the same time it is the small company that places the personnel in focus and inspired by Toyota, all of us conducts “go and see”. This concept gives that you go out and follow the daily business within a certain group or department. You will then both learn and also give feedback, it is like a win-win situation for all.

When Leif Östling was the CEO of Scania he visited our department four years ago, on a “goo and see”, which was very rewarding for us all. When I joined the department I came under pressure from my personnel to invite Martin Lundstedt for a similar event.

So what to do?

I did send an email to Martin Lundstedt and asked if he would be interested to visit us. Within short the answer came that he wanted to come and finally two weeks ago, during approximately 2 hours, we had the CEO of Scania on a visit.

The idea was to show the Services Operations organisation and how the Global Technical Support is part of this. Then we discussed the challenges we are facing, how we will meet them and Martin also visited our COL meeting where the global organisation is connected. Perhaps the most interesting part of the visit was when Martin acted as a technical support engineer, working with questions from the markets, with the help of Niklas, one of our personnel.

Talking for my personnel and for myself, we were all impressed by Martin and his visit to us. It was lots of good inputs, reflections, hands on ideas and laughter together with the personnel. One of my engineers told me, after the visit, that it felt like a hurricane had visited us, for a few hours, and given us lots of positive energy.

Scania is the huge company but still the small one where the CEO takes time to visit a department in order to learn, give feedback and encourage the people. This is something that has always puzzled me with Scania, in a positive way.

A thank you to Martin for the visit and you are always welcome back!










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