Getting ready for Top Team

Getting ready for Top Team

Meet the Swedish Top Team finalists from Atteviks in Jönköping as they prepare for the European final. This weekend they fight for a spot in the world final.

This is the third time that the team from Atteviks in Jönköping is representing Sweden in the European final. Last time, in 2015, they went all the way to the world final but didn’t end up among the top three teams. This year they aim to do even better.

“I think we will reach the world final again. We have a couple more years’ experience and want to make a strong comeback after the last time,” says the team’s coach Niklas Almqvist.

It’s hard to find the time to prepare for Top Team during the busy work week. To build team spirit and practice for the European final the guys went on a 24 hour ‘training camp’ at Scania’s workshop in Kallhäll in Stockholm. Combining technical discussions with practical challenges, the team got a chance to focus exclusively on the task at hand.

“During the competition an easy mistake is to get stressed and forget to communicate with each other, and then that whole station is lost. One person can’t solve the challenge in 20 minutes, you have to make sure the whole team is involved,” says Almqvist.

The members of the team have worked together for many years and know each other well. For Almqvist, that is what makes the team so strong: “We have learned the job together and gone from knowing nothing to becoming really good service technicians. To make that journey together means that we are a very tight group. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and are used to solving problems together.”