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Front page news in Benelux

Scania was front page news when Scania Benelux new headquarters was inaugurated in Breda, Netherlands. 

“A building with pride and trust incorporated”, Evert Halvarsson MD of Scania Benelux, summed up.

Just over four years ago Scania moved its headquarter for Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg to the Dutch city of Breda. Last Wednesday the temporary location at Stadionstraat was replaced with the newly constructed home, next to the regions newspaper BN De Stem. The inauguration was celebrated with a new Scania Euro 6 Mean & Green tractor symbolically driving through a gigantic specially designed BN De Stem front page.

“With the current economical situation it’s not the best moment for a big celebration, but we do want to remember this occasion”, Evert Halvarsson stated.

Starting next year, also the Scania Benelux finance and insurance units will be housed in the same new building.