From Summer Job To Graduate Trainee

From Summer Job To Graduate Trainee

With a considerable interest in both engineering and finance, it comes as no surprise that Frida Rawet opted to apply to Scania before completing her studies. Having earned a double degree, she was accepted on to the graduate trainee program.

Frida Rawet’s first contact with Scania was by way of a summer job with the IT department back in the summer of 2014, which involved creating automated system tests.

She subsequently decided to apply to Scania’s student programme Scania Student Intro (SSI), specialising in IT, after having chosen IT outsourcing as the topic for her thesis.

“My experience was that SSI was an excellent complement to the final three semesters of my studies, because my course was theoretical. The programme provided an insight into working life and how I could put the theory I’d learned into practice.”

Frida gave a great deal of thought to how best to begin her career after her degree, and with the positive experiences of SSI to draw on, she decided to apply to Scania’s graduate trainee programme. The programme aims to offer a unique start to a new graduate’s career and the opportunity to develop and become a future leader at a global organisation.

Frida’s initial period as a graduate trainee was spent at the IT department in Södertälje. The following period was spent at LOTS, a newly started Scania subsidiary that works on logistics. Frida then spent the next two periods working abroad at Scania’s service contract department in Australia and at the IT department in Brazil.

“It was incredibly instructive to see Scania’s activities both at the head office and on two different markets.”

Frida Rawet

“The graduate trainee programme has managed to exceed my already high expectations for it with interest.” – Frida Rawet

Together with her fellow trainees, Frida was also given the opportunity to visit Germany and spend a week with other graduate trainees from the Volkswagen Group.

“One aspect of Scania’s graduate trainee programme that I really appreciate is the strong network that was able to develop within our group of 25 trainees, which represented virtually all parts of the organisation.”

Scania operates in a traditionally male-dominated industry. At the same time, she believes that employees are generally good at respecting colleagues, whether gender, age or background.

“I am convinced that the environment differs depending on where in the company you work. However, I feel that the Scania prioritizes diversity issues and that there is zero tolerance for all types of discrimination.”

In addition to having built a strong network of contacts within the organisation, Frida is keen to stress just how much she learned during her 14 months as a graduate trainee. In November this year she stepped into her first permanent post-trainee position as an IT project manager within aftermarket activities for trucks.

“With all the experience I’ve accumulated during the programme, I think I have a lot to contribute to my organisation and a fantastic opportunity to develop and grow. I’m also of the opinion that Scania is a company that likes to delegate responsibility and invest in young employees.”