From a sketch to a fully built stand

From a sketch to a fully built stand

In October it is time again, Busworld, the world’s biggest bus exhibition is taking place. Busworld has more than 350 exhibitors and approximately 35.000 visitors.

Busworld is one of my projects as project manager. I really enjoy working with fairs, because one has a specific deadline. When the fair opens the whole stand has to be ready and the staff has to be prepared to work in the stand. So how do you do that?

One needs to start early. We started a year ago. One has to gather a project group with a lot of experts. We did. One has to understand the roles within the project group, which normally sounds very logic and easy, written on a paper but it is almost always trickier in real life. And then, people need to speak to each other and work as a team – to support and help each other. In Sweden this is even more important because we are careerists and individualists and we need to understand the power of team work sometimes. I would say, that is my most important task. To really make sure we are helping and working and having fun together. When we do that, something fruitful will develop and we will find solutions faster.

I love the feeling to fill an empty paper with words and pictures and all of a sudden the stand has been shaped. By now we are almost finished with all the preparations in terms of communication and stand layout. Some more details are missing but other than that I can really focus on the most important part, the staff. It really does not matter if we have the most beautiful and exciting stand at the fair if the staff is not trained. The staff need to live the communication in the stand and feel proud. They need to understand our visitors and customers and they need to feel prepared. So that is my task right now. I am in the middle of preparing a kick off with all the staff, which is very exciting.

So to enter the weekend mode I am sharing the photo I took an early morning while running in Hyde park before a business meeting in London this week.

Have a great weekend my friends,



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