I know, I know, that title might have been a bit dramatic, but nonetheless, freedom is important.

Freedom can be applied to many things, to be able to eat at different restaurants for lunch, to be able to choose what techniques to use while developing or to be able to leave work early because you have something you need to do. This freedom can be found in many places at Scania. Where I work, we have lots’ of restaurants in a relatively close proximity, and this, to me, is incredibly important to quality of life. Scania also has something called “Arbetstidsförkorting” which is a sort of time bank that get replenished with ~83 minutes every week. This time can be saved up and then used for whatever you want, for example to leave work early one day, or even to take several days of if you’ve got the time for it. This to me is one of the greatest benefits of being employed at Scania.

Scania is also implementing the concept of “Activity Based Office”. This mean that you don’t have your own desk and you enforced to switch desk every now and then. This concept reduces the number of desks needed at an office, it makes the office a lot cleaner, and for us in Conversion, it enables a dynamic way of working because we often switch desks and therefore you get a new neighbour everyday! So if you ever get in the situation of switching office to an “Activity Based Office”, embrace it and make it as good as it possibly can be.

Next week I will touch on the subject of an agile way of working as we are to visit the pioneers in this subject, Spotify!

Have a good weekend 🙂



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