Fourth and final weekend at SSI

Fourth and final weekend at SSI

First of all, apologies for my long absence. I just now noticed that I haven’t posted anything for the third weekend at SSI. Funnily enough, I have written an entire page of my experiences during that weekend but somehow I have forgotten to actually post it to the website. Now it just seems silly to do it. So instead, if you really want to know what happened at the third weekend, I recommend you check out the other student bloggers. Otherwise, keep reading and I’ll tell you what happened during the fourth (and last) SSI-weekend.

It began with a ride on Scania’s fully electrical bus prototype. This was very exciting. The most amazing part was how silent it actually was. It is easy to forget that the majority of the sounds coming from a bus is from the clunking and bulking of the diesel engine. Remove it and it’s almost unbelievable how little sound 10 ton vehicle actually produces. One of the engineers working on the project could stand in the front of the bus and speak and everyone could hear him. You could imagine the possibilities this type of technology brings. Not only does it reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it also reduces noise and particle emissions which is becoming more and more of an issue in cities.

After lunch, we in the systems track had a both a lecture and a case about autonomous vehicles. Sometimes, it seems most people who study some sort of systems engineering are very interested in working with autonomous vehicles. Even though I find the subject fascinating, I have never really been that interested in working in that field. Until this case and lecture that is. It got me to start thinking more about the subject and I developed new ways of thinking and understanding it. Now, I would really like to work with autonomous vehicles in the future. Obviously then, the lecture gave me a really good impression of the subject.

After the lecture it was time for the secret evening activity. This time, we got to try curling. Even though most of us struggled and most of the people playing with me never really scored, it was a lot of fun and a great last activity. After a few hours of curling, we went out to eat at a restaurant.

All in all, my impressions of Scania as a company and a workplace have been excellent. I look forward to doing my thesis project and perhaps even working here in the future.

If you are interested in knowing more about SSI, perhaps because you want to apply, do not hesitate to contact me. I’ll gladly answer all the questions you can have about this programme. And I tell you, if you apply, you will not regret it.


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