First week of the Summer Technology Program

First week of the Summer Technology Program

The first week of the summer technology program has come to an end. It has been an intense week with a lot of new impressions and inspiring meetings. First of all, I have finally met the other 13 technologists and it already now seems like we are going to become a great group.

On our first day we got a thoroughly introduction that started out with a breakfast where we got to meet our mentors, that are supposed to make us feel welcome and answer different questions we might have. The day continued with that one of the plant managers welcomed us to the program, to Oskarshamn and most of all, to Scania. We also got more information about the program and about what will happen during the upcoming weeks. We also got a guided tour through the whole factory, where we got to see all the steps that has to be done before it is a complete cab. Even if I have walked the tour several times before it is always something new that has happened since the plant is always expanding, changing, rebuilding or improving. Also, to walk in a building with the newest technology that is full of robots that are working together, is a sight you never get tired of. The tour around the factory really make you realise how much Scania value to use the newest technology and thereby deliver the best quality they can to their customers.

This year we are a total of 14 students that are taking part in the program. We come from different universities in Sweden, all the way from Lund in the south to Luleå in the north. We are split up in pairs, where each pair get their own project to work with. The whole group has also been given an assignment to solve together, where we are supposed to investigate what Scania offers that makes them an attractive employer. I will be doing a project with Andreas who is studying mechanical engineering in Lund. We will be looking at which cost savings that can be done by postponing one step in the production. We will investigate different factors to be able to compare the current situation with how it could be in the future. To our help we have our supervisor Simon who is going to guide us through the project and support us along the way.

Team building Team building

Wednesday afternoon we had a team building, where we were split into groups and had different competitions. As you can see in the pictures one competition was to build something from straws, papers and a balloon, that made it possible to drop a raw egg from 3 meters’ height without it breaking. The competitions were challenging and really made us work and think as a team. This is one of many advantages with the program, that it right from the start brings the whole group closer together.

This is my second year in the summer technology program, and one of the reasons why I wanted to come back is because the program makes you a part of a group of ambitious and driven students, and creates a network you will have for life. Also, since the projects you will work with are different each year, the possibilities to learn something new and develop are endless!

With this first week behind us, I can’t wait to see what the coming weeks has to give!


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