First week of the Summer Technology Program in Oskarshamn

First week of the Summer Technology Program in Oskarshamn


Where should I even start? The first week of the program has come to its end and I have already shaken hands with more than 100 persons that could be a part of the different projects we have. It has been an intense week where I, together with11 other fantastic students, have been put in an environment where technology, encouragement from employees and the striving to always step out from our comfort zones embodies the atmosphere. It feels like a place where I belong.

During the first day we were introduced to our mentors and we got the chance to see almost the whole production site with a guide. The first impression I had was that this place is enormous. After the tour we got a deeper introduction to the program, which we are participating in, and different high level managers gave us their perspectives about Scania and the role we have. Continuing on, after the brief presentation of the program and after lunch we were introduced to our supervisors of each project.

Going back to the layout of the program, we are 12 students from different universities in Sweden, from Lund University of Technology (LTH), Chalmers (Gothenburg), Linneaus University (Växjö) and Linköping University (LiTH) in the south toLuleå University of Technology in the north. The mixture of different backgrounds and different personalities makes the whole experience even better. We students will work together with a group task and the main projects will be done in pairs with one supervisor. In addition to the group task and the individual pair project we will have different group building activities and events. Further on,  we will participate in different lectures where employees from different parts of Scania will present their journeys and helpful insights into Scania. Personally I think the layout is great. We will be working with a real problem the company has and try to solve it in pairs. In this way, we will get the chance to learn how it is to take our theoretical perspective from school to an on-point practical problem. From this, we will learn how to combine our theoretical and practical skills. Also the group activities and lectures will help us connect better as a group and make bonds that will last. The lectures will help us as students to get a deeper insight in what Scania is and what kind of career paths there are.

As mentioned before, the projects we have been granted are supposed to solve real problems within the company. I will be working on a project with Victor who is studying mechanical engineering, as I, but at Chalmers. Victor is a really clever guy and I am glad to be working with him. The project will be concerning the assembly line. Our supervisor, Gerhard Huber, has given us free hands on working with the project but of course he will be there and guide and support us, which feels fantastic.

This first week has not only given me new insights in a new company but it has also given me new friends. Some of the students from the program are from Oskarshamn or places nearby and they help us “outsiders” with what to do on our spare time.

Scania has also worked with helping us find accommodations. We have received a list with landlords and everyone in the program has somewhere to stay. This was something that initially caused concerns for me, but everything has beenresolved and all students have somewhere to stay. With this said, don´t be afraid of moving to a town where you don´t know anybody or where you don´t have everything solved such as accommodation etc. – everything will be solved and in the end everything will sort out good.

To sum it up, a great week has come to its end and I am excited of what the coming weeks will give us – we are ready!!

If you have any questions, please let me know and I will answer as fast as possible.






Amanda Liu28 June 2017
Hi Ames! Fantastic to read your first blogpost, very professional written and nice to follow your experience, even for me by the blog! Your introduction about the program sounds interesting, and you really solved the concerns many students may have. Great job!
Anes Sestic30 June 2017
Thank you very much Amanda!
Peter16 June 2017
Seems wonderful! Keep it up!
Anes Sestic19 June 2017
It really is Peter!
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