First Swedish delivery of biodiesel-certified Euro 6 buses

First Swedish delivery of biodiesel-certified Euro 6 buses

Scania has delivered six biodiesel-certified Euro 6 buses to the Swedish bus operator Jörlanda Buss och Taxi. The buses are the first of their type to be delivered in Sweden.

The delivery is special because the introduction of Euro 6 at the beginning of 2014 means engines now need to be certified for all fuels not included in directive 98/70/EC.

Such certification indicates that the engines meet the EU’s requirements for Euro 6 and for the relevant fuel.

Scania already offers five Euro 6 engines that are certified under EU Commission Regulation 582/2011, which means that the engines can be run on EN 14214 biodiesel.

Wide range

“Scania’s wide range of Euro 6 engines, its newly developed biogas engine and its driver training services are all part of the company’s sizeable investment in finding realistic solutions for the CO2 issue,” says Rutger Hörndahl, Head of the Bus Market for Scania Bilar, Sweden. “We’re addressing this in a comprehensive economic way, here and now.”

The buses delivered were all Scania Citywide LEs with 9-litre 360 hp engines.

Euro 6 engines certified for biodiesel

9-litre engines: 320 and 360 hp
13-litre engines: 450 and 490 hp
16-litre V8 engines: 580 hp