First Lego new generation Scania

First Lego new generation Scania

When 17-year old Joakim Jidbacken realised that Scania would be launching a new generation truck he immediately decided to become first in the world to build the truck in Lego. Following ten weeks of diligent efforts, the truck in all its replicated details has now been completed.

It was with a great deal of anticipation that Joakim watched the webcast of the global launch in August and started planning construction. He is by no means a beginner at mastering demanding Lego models. “I started in earnest at the age of seven to build individually designed lego models,” he says. Although most of my friends of the same age quit Lego, I wanted to continue since it gives me the opportunity to build whatever I wish: robots, machines, whatever.”

Joakim Jidbacken is the proud designer and builder of the world’s first new generation Scania RC lego truck.

Joakim Jidbacken is the proud designer and builder of the world’s first new generation Scania RC Lego truck.

He now belongs to the illustrious community of AFOL – Adult Fans of Lego. The community has a strict code of conduct, to which Joakim adheres. Only original brick and other pieces may be used without modifications. “Some cheat by using, for example, external parts but my builds are 100 percent Lego.”

His most challenging project to date is a bowling alley, which after three years of construction still awaits completion. But having built a model Scania R 620, he took on yet another challenge in transforming the Scania new generation truck into Lego. It must, however, be admitted that he has had a certain advantage. As a final-year pupil at Scania’s upper secondary school, located adjacent to its Head Office, he has had short internships both at the engine and chassis assembly workshops. “I know a bit about how trucks are designed and understand how the frame is placed, which otherwise is rather difficult to fully grasp.”

The world’s first new generation Scania RC lego truck.

Constructing the truck started in Lego Digital Designer, which helped him identify and itemise the 1,657 bricks and pieces that were needed. He then rummaged through his meticulously sorted stocks and fired off online orders for missing parts. “The Digital Designer gives you the design but it is not until you actually start building that you can determine whether it holds together. Some parts didn’t and the design needed to be adjusted.”

Joakim is now the proud designer and builder of the world’s first new generation Scania RC Lego truck, a distinction he values. To finance future builds, he plans to sell his instructions to other Lego aficionados. Joakim soon turns 18 and is looking forward to getting his driver’s licence. In spring, he graduates and plans to continue his studies at university. “But I’m certain that I’ll continue building Lego models for as long as I live.”