Finnish Post in good spirits

Finnish Post in good spirits

The Finnish postal service, Posti, has started operations with a Scania bioethanol fuelled truck. Posti is presently examining alternative fuel vehicles to select the technology best suited for its operations.

Posti will assess life-cycle cost-effectiveness as well as how well vehicles meet their demanding delivery needs. “Our aim is to achieve lower fuel consumption relative to the transported payload,” says Juha Sinivuo, Head of Posti’s transport fleet. “That leads to a direct decrease in emissions and costs. In addition to alternative fuels vehicles, we are actively reducing environmental impact through the design and optimisation of transport routes as well as economical driving.”

Bioethanol improves air quality

The ED95 bioethanol fuel reduces CO2 emissions by up to 90 percent. Trials with heavy vehicles in Finland have demonstrated that bioethanol performs well and is reliable in Finnish climate conditions. Bioethanol is currently also in use in HSL’s buses, the Helsinki public transport company.

The bioethanol fuel is supplied by the Finnish energy provider ST1. The company manufactures nearly carbon-free bioethanol from domestic waste and residue, such as animal by-products. “As an innovative company, it’s great that Posti is seeking new solutions and engage in improving air quality in cities,” says Matti Pentti, Director of Sales at St1 Oy.