Finance and Business Control

Finance and Business Control

The fundament of Scania’s economical organization is built upon two cornerstones, Finance and Business Control.  Within the area of Finance, Scania Treasury and Scania Financial Services are key enablers for the sales of Scania Group´s solutions and services throughout the world. Within the Business Control area the mission is to maintain the economic perspective throughout the processes, from product and service development to delivering the finished product and the services provided.

Within both Finance and Business Control employees work cross-functionally to achieve a holistic perspective and protect Scania’s best interests in the long-term within the wider Scania organisation, meaning they have great opportunities for personal development worldwide.

Scania Treasury and Financial Services

Scania Treasury is responsible for asset and liability management, funding, interest rate risk, currency risk, and corporate insurance for the Scania Group.

Employees within Treasury work with funding, intercompany lending to the organisation’s subsidiaries and the risk management of these flows. Monitoring financial markets and hedging financial and commercial flows are part of the treasury professional’s daily work. Scania’s far-reaching organisation with presence in over 140 countries creates a challenging and stimulating working environment for a treasury professional, exposed to commercial as well as macroeconomic trends.

At Financial Services employees have a broad range of expertise working within customer finance and insurance services, e.g. in Sales, Insurance, Business Development, Credit Management, Contract Management, IT and Data Analysis. Working at Financial Services allows for a broad understanding of how macroeconomic trends actually affect customers of all sizes in different countries and markets.

Business Control

Employees within Business Control work mainly with accounting, financial controlling and business control, playing a key role in the daily operations.  They have a range of specialisations and can be found in the company’s operations across the world.

Roles within Treasury

The possible roles are many and varied, below are a few examples:

Treasury Dealer

  • Responsible for managing the commercial and financial flows and the related risk
  • Advises Scania’s business units in matters related to funding and foreign exchange risk

Risk Controller

  • Responsible for daily monitoring and analysis of financial risks while assuring a sound daily market valuation of Scania’s financial instruments
  • Participates in analyses, process improvements and making sure our valuation models are best practice

Cash Management Advisor

  • Responsible for evaluation, implementation and administration of the financial infrastructure of the group
  • Project oriented organisation supporting cash efficiency within the group

Roles within Financial Services

The possible roles are many and varied, below are a few examples:

Business Developer

  • Innovate and explore new concepts for improving customer value and grow the business of Financial Services
  • Conduct research involving customers and other stakeholders to understand different needs and identify business opportunities

Business Unit Coordinator 

  • Communication and coordination with all other business areas within Scania and business units within Financial Services to ensure alignment across the organization
  • Work very closely to the central management team and have contact with regional management teams throughout the business units

Roles within Business Control

These are a few examples of the roles in the area and the associated duties:


  • responsible for ongoing accounting and financial statements, including contact with external auditors
  • simplifies and improves processes and methods related to bookkeeping and accounting

Business Controller

  • responsible for monitoring the operation’s financial position and status, which includes management and development of Scania’s models for financial control
  • operates and takes part in change and development projects from an economic perspective

Financial Controller

  • works with analyses, presentation of financial information as well as consolidated account statements, consolidations and financial reporting
  • participates in project- and process-improvement groups to ensure continual improvement in our financial processes

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Work areas within Scania

With 49,000 employees in 100 countries, we are strategically placed where our customers need us, wherever they operate.

Research and Development operations are based in Södertälje, with some 3,500 employees. Scania’s aim is to use customers’ specific needs to develop high-quality products, services and solutions with short lead times.

We have production units in seven countries in Europe and in Latin America, with some 12,400 employees working to ensure production, quality and delivery. There is a focus on continuous improvements within the areas of production, working environment and safety.

The IT area requires many resources and solid expertise in order to be able to deliver solutions to all parts of Scania’s operation.

Scania´s organisation also encompasses a wide variety of different areas of operation for conducting business affairs, selling products and services, and providing support to the organisation.