Scania Student Tour is coming to Gothenburg University and Chalmers University of Technology – Campus Lindholmen!

Come visit us in the Scania Student Tour trailer, have a warming cup of coffee and take the chance to mingle with some of the leading developers and engineers in our global organization. If you are interested in deepen your knowledge or develop your leadership skills, don´t forget to ask about our trainee and engineer programs, our internships, thesis projects and last but not least our summer jobs.

If you are interested in our organization, you can register your CV and answer a few questions so we can keep in touch with you further on.

Make sure you don´t miss our lectures during our stay. See you!

You’ll find our trailer on the lawn in front of House Patricia.

Lecture 1

Per Fernlund

Per Fernlund

Autonomous & electrification solutions could take my job (?) and radical change how we use the transport industry!

The world is changing, new solutions is needed to handle the challenges we see in the society and global environment today. Today our vehicles requires a driver, but what happens when we remove that component. How will electrification, autonomous & connected vehicles affect you in your daily life?

Time: 12:00-13:00
Place: Torg Grön

Name: Per Fernlund
Title: Head of driver systems control at Embedded SW & Functions

The presentation will be held in English

Lecture 2

Linnéa Albertsson & Östen Bexelius

Linnéa Albertsson & Östen Bexelius

Our different stories of how we ended up at Scania

We will lead you through a presentation about our ways into Scania and the experiences we have gathered throughout our careers. During this lecture you will learn more about:

  • The company’s focus on leadership and team spirit
  • A typical day in our different roles
  • Different opportunities in a global company and how to join us

Time: 12:00-13:00
Place: Omega

Name: Linnéa Albertsson
Title: Global Product Engineer at Engine Assembly

Name: Östen Bexelius
Title: Manager Product Introductions at Engine Assembly

The presentation will be held in Swedish


Available positions