• Scania Student Tour

    During the fall we will visit eight universities across Sweden to tell you all about the amazing career opportunities that we offer at Scania. So climb on board our truck, have a warming cup of coffee and talk to some of the leading developers and engineers in our organization. Hope to see you there!

Scania Student Tour

For the third year in a row we are on the road with Scania Student Tour, visiting eight universities across Sweden.

Come visit us in the #nextgenscania trailer, have a warming cup of coffee and take the chance to mingle with some of the leading developers and engineers in our global organization. If you are interested in deepen your knowledge or develop your leadership skills, don´t forget to ask about our trainee and engineer programs, our internships, thesis projects and last but not least our summer jobs.

ASAP 2030


ASAP is a joint effort to accelerate sustainable development. The project is founded by Sustainergies and Ecolabelling Sweden and powered this year by Scania, Samsung and Nordea. Together we will boost people with inspiration and skills to really make a difference!
Starting in September 2018, we will explore sustainability, provide inspiration and invite 50 selected students to participate in a unique accelerator program, combining a sustainability boot camp and a case challenge. Scania will contribute with key competencies and insights from the industrie, to help empower students to become the future sustainability leaders and change agents we need.

ASAP, because there is no time to lose!

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