Euro 6 – the challenge was to win

Euro 6 – the challenge was to win

For a number of years, the trucking industry has struggled to fulfil the exacting emission legislation that came into force at the end of last year. Scania is the manufacturer that has been able to present competitive solutions sooner and better than anyone else. Scania now offers its customers no less than 18 Euro 6 engines for all types of applications – and is setting international records in low fuel consumption with their latest Euro 6 diesel engine.

“Euro 6 has been a challenge for the entire industry,” says Joel Granath, Head of Product Management for Scania trucks. “Many predicted increased fuel consumption with increased complexity. Now the jury is in – at the end of last year, for example, a Scania Streamline G 410 set two undisputed records for 40-tonne trailer combina­tions when German and French trade press journalist’s tested it on well-established and de­manding test tracks. According to the media, no equivalent rig, regardless of emission class, had previously passed the demanding route* north of Munich in just over 24 litres/100 km.”

Former concerns about Euro 6 have proved unfounded. Despite this, it seems as if both Scania and other manufacturers had a strong influx of customers during the autumn of 2013, many customers wanting to lock in a Euro 5 truck order before the new year.
“Our customers are living with tough competition and I understand that some chose security over the unknown. But whoever chooses Scania also chooses proven tech­nology with Euro 6,” emphasizes Joel Granath. “Three years have passed since Scania delivered the first-generation Euro 6 engines. Today, there is indisputable evidence in the form of operating data from our customers that Scania made the right choices in development.”

Joel Granath declines to go into the extent of the resources Scania has invested in its Euro-6 programs but emphasizes instead the achievements in terms of, for example, the breadth of the engine range using alternative fuels:

“Scania has presently eleven diesel engines, two gas engines and five engines for 100 percent biodiesel in the Euro-6 engine range. We can offer solutions for all applications and needs. I am especially proud of the low consumption figures we reach with Scania Streamline. Our 13-litre, inline six with 410 horsepower and SCR only, was developed with European long-haulage operators in mind and has exceeded all expec­tations. It is a typical example of Scania’s main focus, to reduce our customers total operating costs.”

* Link to the German trade magazine “Trucker”:

Scania’s present Euro 6 engine range:

DC09 DC13 DC16 DC09 Gas DC09 Biodiesel DC13 Biodiesel DC16 Biodiesel
250 hk 370 hk 520 hk 280 hk 320 hk 450 hk 580 hk
280 hk 410 hk 580 hk 340 hk 360 hk 490 hk
320 hk 450 hk 730 hk
360 hk 490 hk