Euro 6 at work: Scania Euro 6 saves millions for French logistics business

Euro 6 at work: Scania Euro 6 saves millions for French logistics business

Outstanding fuel economy is just one of the reasons Transports Portmann has been using Scania vehicles for 43 years.

When the new Scania Euro 6 was launched, France-based transport & logistics company Transports Portmann were first in line. In 2012 they bought the very first Scania Euro 6 truck to be sold in France. Operating all over Europe with a fleet of 450 vehicles, they have been driving Scania trucks for 43 years.

“Scania’s vehicles have always been reliable and economical, and their European service network is extensive,” says part-owner Benoit Portmann.

EUR 1.5 million savings per year

The third generation, family-run company chose Scania Euro 6 due to its low fuel consumption, which has meant huge savings in fuel costs.

“Our first Scania Euro 6 vehicle has almost 100,000 km on the clock, and already shows a good return. The consumption figures average under 29-30 litres per
100 km – almost 2 litres less than the overall average for our fleet.
This equates to cost savings of around 1.5 million Euros for our business.”

Fully equipped with the latest standards

Being located close to the Swiss and German borders also has an influence on compliance with emission standards, which keeps the family business at the forefront of new standards in transport.

Says Portmann, “In addition to meeting the latest standards, the Scania Euro 6 is also equipped with a full range of accessories and automatic transmission – and it all works very well.”