Euro 6 at work: New Scania truck brings fresh yields

Euro 6 at work: New Scania truck brings fresh yields

Changing up to the latest Euro 6 vehicles has paid off for Cremers Coolcare.

A Netherlands-based, refrigerated transport services company Cremers Coolcare, is making substantial savings in fuel costs after investing in Scania Euro 6 trucks.

Due to their large volume of freight transport to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and the environmental restrictions on emissions and tax benefits in these countries, the company decided to opt for Scania Euro 6 trucks.

Fast return on investment

Despite initial doubts about investing in the new Scania Euro 6 trucks at such an early stage, only six months later their investment is already paying off.

“Our experience has been extremely positive; the trucks’ fuel consumption in particular has been a pleasant surprise,” says Director Frans Cremer. “It’s even better than we’d expected. The Scania Euro 6 trucks save us 2 litres per 100 kilometres, which means EUR 3,500 per truck per year.”

Experienced user

Cremers Coolcare has been using Scania trucks for 43 years. With the new Scania Euro 6 technology, they are more convinced than ever that they made the right choice.

“In short, the Scania Euro 6 is the type of product we’re used to with Scania: it’s the old familiar picture, but with a completely new engine under the hood,” says Cremer.