Driven by a passion for sustainability

Driven by a passion for sustainability

How will Scania become the world leader in sustainable transport? Meet two employees who are playing a key part. Andreas Follér and Klara Jönsson share a passion for environmental issues and are putting the company’s vision into action through their daily work.

Urbanisation, congested cities, poor air quality, and carbon dioxide emissions: Scania has decided to address these challenges head-on and to become the global leader in sustainable transport.

Scania’s Sustainability Manager, Andreas Follér, is playing a key part in this process and is encouraged by the enthusiasm for progress across the organisation. “The entire company is right behind the change and really up to the task,” he says. “Everywhere I go in the organisation there are ideas for sustainable solutions.”

Meanwhile, production developer Klara Jönsson says she loves being part of a company that contributes to sustainable communities around the globe. “Working at Scania means that I can act upon my passion for sustainability,” she says. “I can do it both internally, and with our customers.”

Watch this film to see Andreas and Klara outline Scania’s vision and how they and the company are working with sustainability.