The visit of our Brazilian colleagues has come to an end. They are now back in São Paulo to continue their work with the Conversion system and as members of our team. There will challenges to overcome, but one of the great strengths of the Conversion team is our ability to adapt and overcome these challenges.

Their stay ended with a fun after work where we battled it out on the pool table and later enjoyed some great food. Of course I would consider myself victorious of the multiple games of pool, but others might disagree.. 🙂

We also had a section meeting this week where the main subject was “What kind of culture do you want at the office?”. It seemed like most people agreed that having fun while working is a number one priority, followed by respecting each other and also to be allowed to fail fast and try again. This kind of culture is something I strongly agree with, especially the having fun part, which I think should be encourage at all companies and departments.

We are also progressing with our AWS Cloud journey. We’ll soon have a pattern for how to set up our serverless apis (SO cool!), which will then enable us to start focusing on adding real functionality!

This was all for now!



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