Delivering on the SDGs through sustainable transport

Delivering on the SDGs through sustainable transport

The World has united around 17 sustainable development goals, for all people and all sectors of society. Scania’s contribution to the achievement of these goals is to translate them into sustainable business solutions.

At Scania we view the UN’s 2030 Agenda as a shared agenda requiring collaboration across government, business and the wider civil society. We strongly support the 17 goals and believe they have the potential to deliver transformative change for both societies and business.

Advances in transport will play an integral role in achieving many of the 17 SDGs. An effective transport system is the foundation of a competitive and resilient economy, while the efficient flow of goods and people can be a critical enabler of development outcomes, contributing to food security, education, poverty reduction, inclusive growth and more.

Delivering on the SGDs

At the same time, transport in its current form is associated with more negative impacts, such as CO2 emissions, air pollution, traffic congestion and road accidents. Establishing a more sustainable transport system will be critical in combatting climate change and its associated impacts, as well as the future sustainability of cities and other human settlements.

Scania is committed to the role it can play as a partner in delivering the 2030 Agenda. In assessing our opportunity for impact and growth, we have identified a clear overlap between our strategy and goals 8, 9, 11, 13 and 17.  Furthermore, all of the 17 goals can be connected to the transport industry and Scania’s work which are presented in the articles below.